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Logging in and Navigating RDS

Before you begin, take note of these tips for logging in and navigating the RDS interview.  Most delays and issues experienced by students are due to not following this guidance:

  • TIP: DO NOT create an account to complete RDS if you have already created a CFNC or RDS account in the past. You will receive error messages and will not be able to proceed.
    • DO NOT create a new account with an incorrect SSN or DOB, or your information will not be sent to your college and won’t match with your records for state financial aid.
    • You can reset the password on your original account, and you can retrieve your original username if you have forgotten it.
    • Click Here to retrieve your original username and/or reset your password.
  • TIP: DO NOT email RDS for help with login issues.  For security reasons, these issues cannot be resolved by email.  If you are unable to resolve by retrieving your original username and/or resetting your password here, call RDS at 844.319.3640. To lessen hold time, call between 9 am and noon, Monday – Friday.
  • TIP: DO NOT use the browser back buttons while completing the interview.  This will cause an error and you will be logged out of RDS.